Dota 2 Items Giveaway

This summer our team brings you the most exciting giveaway of Dota 2, that is giving away of some amazing Dota 2 items free of cost. All you have to do is go through a simple and easy survey that takes not more than 3 minutes to complete and instantly get to enjoy the packs. Below is some review on the items that you will get by the application.

75% Battle Bonus (6 Days)

 Use this item to increase your rate of earning Battle Points for 6 days by 75%. Additionally, everyone else in games you play receive 15% extra Battle Points (this bonus stacks).

Tickled Tegu (Courier)

A friendly Tegu from the dragon infested Cathauran Wastes. He smiles as if he knows something you do not.

Sithil's Summer Bundle

 Includes a massive pile of 47 new items:
 Twinblade of the Veil
 Exquisite Doubled Axe of the Veil
 Grand Blade of the Demigod
 Weighted Claive
 Manifold Spear
 Force Staff
 Eul's Scepter of Divinity
 Edgebearer's Helm
 Kingslayer Axe
 Rune Hammer
 Bindings of the Rift
 Radiant Crystal Bracer
 Radiant Crystal Crests
 Radiant Crystal Crown
 Radiant Crystal Pauldrons
 Hardened Hunter's Armor
 Hardened Hunter's Mask
 Shuriken of the Reaper
 Bladed-Staff of the Reaper
 Makeshift Sword of the Reaper
 Veil of Fables
 Sacral Apparel
 Drum of Tales
 Mantle of Mysteries
 Circlet of the Purist Champion
 Bracer of the Purist Champion
 Armor of the Purist Champion
 Hammer of the Purist Champion
 Light Cape of Sir Davion
 Bracer of Sir Davion
 Pauldron of Sir Davion
 Slayer-Sword of Sir Davion
 Enameled Shield of Sir Davion
 Dragonbone Helm of Sir Davion
 Bloodmist Helm
 Bloodmist Belt
 Bloodmist Pauldrons
 Bloodmist Crescent Axe
 Bone Bracer of the Brave
 Death Mask of the Brave
 Elder Tusk of the Brave
 No-Guard the Courageous Edge
 Crest of the Magus Magnus
 Bracers of Profound Perfection
 Cape of Arcane Artistry
 Hood of Endless Intellect

Announcer: Pirate Captain

 Get amazing announcements with every kill and action with Captain Matey's Scurrrrvy play-by-play.


Below is the download button to get this application with giveaway items,however after clicking the download button a small gateway survey will appear,this survey is free and easy to complete and only for the protection of the files.Once the survey is complete your download will begin immediately.

Total Downloads: 18278

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